Nepal's first initiative of its kind

We are an autonomous consortium of like-minded medical professionals and evidence-synthesizing institutions, committed to advancing clinical medicine and global health, with a long-term vision of improving qualiy of patient care and health outcomes in low-resource settings. Our main goal is to generate local evidence in key issues of global health and advocate its utilization by governments and stakeholders.

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To contribute to quality improvement and equitable health service in health facilities and communities through evidence generation and advisory services.


Analyze global evidence in important topics of global health and clinical medicine to purpose and test appropriate health interventions at country level.

Design and implement its own research to generate new evidence as well as provide consultancy services to support other groups that want to do global health and medical research and projects.

Identify evidence gaps in health sector through literature review and synthesis and propose collaborative projects to fill such gaps.

Provide advisory services, for example epidemiological analyses, to the governments and other stakeholders of the health sector in Nepal and other countries, not only to support them on decision-making but for an overall strengthening of the national health systems and improvement of clinical care.

Promote scholarly activities and academic exchanges among early-to-mid career researchers in clinical medicine and global health.

Support capacity building of local researchers, including support for masters and PhD projects and job creation for research staff.